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Curriculum overview

Horizons Academy aspires to ensure we offer an informative, creative and skilful understanding of the hair and beauty industry. This course aims to introduce students into the world of hair and beauty through informative and explorative knowledge as well as the development of creative skills in all hair and skin types. Hair and beauty units cover the following:

  • Introduction to the Hair and Beauty Sector - Students will explore the career routes, services, roles and responsibilities with the industry.
  • Present a professional image in the salon - Students will develop their communication skills both verbally and non-verbally by learning how to communicate affectively and how to adapt their method of communication to any given audience and or situation.
  • Plaiting and twisting hair - Students will use their dexterity skills to create a variety of plaiting and twisting looks. (French/fish tail/rope plait/current and historical looks)
  • Providing basic manicure treatment - Students learn how to prepare for, and provide, basic manicure treatments including the removal of any nail enamel, filing the nails, applying cuticle and hand cream and applying a basic finish.
  • Nail art application - Students will learn how to work hygienically and safely, and will be able recreate a 3D nail art design based on an agreed 2D designs.
  • Themed face painting - Students will research cartoon/fantasy face paint designs and gain knowledge of the tools/products and equipment used. Student will learn how to create a 2D design and reconstruct it into a 3D face paint design.

The curriculum will help shape and inspire students to apply and link knowledge, understanding and being able to confidently merge the past and present whilst applying their own creative flair to their hair and beauty designs. Researching, planning, creating, evaluating and presenting design images are some of learning methods students will engage with whilst on the course. The course also ensures that students can demonstrate their skills and knowledge through both practical and theoretical settings establishing the underpinned knowledge and understanding required.

The use of learning technologies can be useful in developing independent learning skills, to support students in researching and recording industry related practices and be encouraged to develop confidence in their independent research skills, making effective use of both online and offline information sources to and consider their uses within hair and beauty products relevant linked industries, reinforcing key concepts while being challenged to develop both their industry related technical knowledge and understanding along with skills in digital literacy, English and Mathematics all applied to practical skills.


  • Exam Board: VTCT
  • Qualification: Level 1
  • 100% non-examined assessment through completed written and practical tasks

Links to Future Study & Careers

Successful completion of the Hair and Beauty course at Horizons Academy can lead to future study including level 2 and 3 course that are highly desirable for any career in customer services. A career in the hair and beauty industry can be very rewarding. The industry offers a variety of roles most being both social and creative. In a society which is both demanding and fast paced, hair and beauty has an essential place; in terms of its relaxing and therapeutic qualities and its ability to enhance an individual’s sense of calm, well- being and self- confidence. A qualification in Hair and Beauty covers a wide range of employment opportunities in one of the fastest growing industries. It includes jobs in salons, hotels, fitness centres, airlines and cruise ships, Beauty Therapy Management, Cosmetic Science, Media Hair and Makeup and many more.

Curriculum maps

  • Please click here for the Year 10 VTCT Hair and Beauty curriculum map
  • Please click here for the Year 11 VTCT Hair and Beauty curriculum map.