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School Information

The Horizons Academy Bexley Outreach and Reintegration Service work in close partnership with Bexley schools and academies, alongside the Early Intervention Teams and LA Services, to provide effective short term intervention targeted at children and young people at risk of permanent exclusion. This service is available to mainstream schools and academies located within the London Borough of Bexley and those in neighbouring local authorities.

Our aim is to support schools and academies in identifying and addressing challenging behaviour whilst keeping children and young people in the mainstream setting. Where this is not possible a referral to the Refocus Programme may be offered to primary and secondary pupils in KS1, KS2 and KS3 and long term placements for pupils in KS4 in partnership with Horizons Academy Bexley.

The outreach team share a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with disaffected and challenging children and young people from a range of backgrounds and educational settings. In addition to supporting mainstream schools, the Outreach and Reintegration team deliver a range of supportive interventions to pupils attending short and long term placements at Horizons Academy. This includes delivery of our Transition Ready Programmes to pupils in KS1, KS2 and KS3 written by the service to ensure the students are as best prepared as possible for their transition. Our integral work with pupils attending Horizons Academy enables the team to build relationships with pupils in preparation of their return to mainstream school.

The team is led by the Head of Outreach and Reintegration Services. The Head of Outreach is responsible for the operational delivery of behaviour support and reintegration support programmes for pupils in mainstream schools and those returning to school following the Refocus Programme or permanent exclusion.

Outreach Intervention Specialists deliver a range of targeted and accredited programmes and conduct structured assessments to explore possible underlying and undiagnosed needs that may contribute toward challenging behaviour.

Outreach and Reintegration Officers provide targeted 1:1 intervention and support to individual pupils as part of structured support plans to address specific topics placing young people at risk of permanent exclusion.

All outreach services are delivered to pupils within the home school setting and can be accessed by direct referral to the Head of Outreach.